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Six Reasons for 

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Gain clinical insights, end your frustration and finally understand what it takes to help someone master the R sound!

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How this Training is Going to Help you Right Now

You will discover the six reasons why R is so rarely stimulable. This means you  will stop wasting time looking for tips and tricks that will help you elicit the R sound. Instead of feeling frustated, you will gain clinical insight into the struggles people experience with the R sound.

You will understand the eligibility criteria for R therapy. You will be able to screen new cases quickly and focus on the ones that you can serve with integrity. This is crucial for speech language pathologists who want to offer R therapy in private practice.

You will hear about the four simple strategies that I have used to help 100's of children, teens and adults master the R sound.  I started out by demonstrating the four strategies to parents and teaching assistants in 1:1 sessions with children who couldn't say the R sound. Then I wrote them down and distributed the instructions week by week. Evenually I created little student manuals. The manuals were so popular that I sold them by mail order for about 10 years. About 10 years ago, I turned it into my first online course.  This has allowed me to teach my method to people around the world.

You will be inspired to guide family members and teaching assistants in doing daily practice to fidelity.  Have you experienced the exasperation of working with a client who can't maintain a good R sound in sessions?  That makes it so difficult to set up daily practice with other people.  In my free training, you will gain an understanding of why my method works so well. You will finally understand what it takes to master the R sound!

You have the opportunity to register for my new online course, R Therapy without the Agony. I have revised the entire course and the student manual. I moved it from Wordpress to this brilliant platform called Start with my free on-demand training and then register for my course, so you can develop expertise in providing therapy for the R sound.

You have the opportunity to use R Therapy without the Agony in a telepractice business. My method is easy to implement across a camera using a consultative approach. I'll tell you more about that later...

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Anna Krueger, MSc, S-LP(C)

I'm a certified speech language pathologist in Canada who has helped hundreds of children, teens and adults master the R sound. 

My proven speech therapy method is called R Therapy without the Agony.  This is NOT tips and tricks that may or may not work for your caseload. It is a comprehensive, proven speech therapy method which includes a reproducible student manual. 

Register now for my free training. You will hear about real kids and the insights I gained by working with them in my private practice.  I'll tell you about the experiences that shaped my therapy method.