Online Course R Therapy without the Agony

Anna Krueger, MSc, S-LP(C)

Certified Speech Language Pathologist

What is... R Therapy without the Agony?


This therapy method is for speech language pathologists who want to get better outcomes in online therapy for the R sound without spending more time in direct sessions.

Do you know someone who still says wabbit and teach-uh?

Would you like to know how to help someone say the R sound?

Do you wish you had the confidence to tackle R, the hardest sound in English?

R Therapy without the Agony is a proven speech therapy method.  It empowers families, educators and assistants to do daily practice with learners who struggle with the R sound. Speech language pathologists can confidently provide guidance across a camera in online sessions. There is no wasted time and no discouragement for learners.

Parents and teachers expect speech language pathologists to know exactly what to do. Even after years in speech therapy, some children still can't say R properly. This creates agony for the child, the parents, educators and the therapist.

What do I mean by agony?

Children feel discouraged and they suffer academically.

Teenagers and adults face rejection from peers and employers.

Parents, educators and speech language pathologists all get exasperated when nothing works.

I'm Anna Krueger, a speech language pathologist in Canada.

I created R Therapy without the Agony  so that you can make a difference in the life of someone who can't say the R sound. My easy, step-by-step process has helped hundreds of children, teens and adults master the R sound.

Why have I had success when others have struggled so much to teach R? What's my story?

I created this method as a new graduate. I had a private practice as a consultant to independent schools. I was driving to schools that were as much as two hours from my home.

I was only there once a month. I needed a method that parents and teaching assistants could use between my visits.

It could not be too theoretical, or time consuming, or confusing.

It had to be practical, efficient and clear.

I have revised my method eight times over the years, making it better each time.

Now R Therapy without the Agony is available as an online course. 

Who is it for? The online course is written in plain language so that speech language pathologists can use the lessons to consult with helpers. These are the people who are available to practice with the learner every day. I have found that family members and teaching assistants make the best helpers.

Many speech language pathologists have learned my method. Their role is to guide the helpers in using the method to fidelity. This teamwork results in a transformation for people who struggle with R. 

I explain what to do at each phase. The course has more than 30 videos. It includes an online forum so you can interact with other course participants. 

Anyone who completes the online course is permitted to make copies of the reproducible manual.

I call it a Habit Tracker.

You will have ongoing access to the course. There is no expiry date. You are welcome to use the training videos in consultations. I encourage you to help as many people as possible. Mastering the R sound can change someone's life!

Here's What you Get in the Course 

R Therapy without the Agony

Overview of the Method

Value = $100

  • Download the Habit Tracker Manual
  • The Three Phases of R Therapy
  • Profile of a Learner
  • Profile of Helper
  • Equipment and Settings
  • Rationale for the Word Lists

Phase One Techniques for Consonantal R

Value = $100

  • Silent Tongue Lift
  • Visual Monitoring
  • Controlled Speech Practice
  • Word Lists 1 to 5: Blue Veins
  • Tongue Tip Elevation for L
  • Word Lists 6 to 8: Lips versus Tongue

More Phase One Techniques

Value = $100

  • Don't try to Teach a Back R
  • Add Easy Endings
  • Careful Carrier Phrases
  • Word of the Day
  • Make it Fun
  • Word Lists 9 to 11: S Clusters

Phase Two Techniques for Vocalic R

Value = $100

  • Auditory Monitoring
  • Start the Syllable with R
  • Word Lists 12 to 13: Blue Veins Fading
  • Hear the Hidden Glides
  • Word Lists 14 to 17: Get the Glides
  • Word Lists 18 to 19: Blue Veins Gone

Phase Three Techniques for Sentences

Value = $100

  • Use Text as a Cue
  • Wear Something as a Cue
  • Scaffolds for Conversation
  • Lists 1 to 11: Sentences
  • Lists 12 to 19: Sentences
  • Reflections from the Learner

Plus, you get Access to these Bonuses inside the Course!

Online Discussion Forum for Questions and Comments

Value = $30

This is available inside the course at the bottom of each lesson. There is no need to leave the secure site if you have questions for me. You can also interact with other participants taking the course. 

Please participate in the forum! Enjoy being part of the community. It will enhance your learning.

Reproducible Manual for Learners

Value = $67

At this point, you might be feeling worried about the cost. Maybe you are a parent who just wants a solution that doesn't cost a fortune. 

Maybe you are a teaching assistant using personal funds. I get it. 

I am intentionally keeping the cost of my online course low so that you can afford it.

VALUE = $597

ONLY $37

Not sure if this method is a good fit for your learner?

This therapy method, R Therapy without the Agony, is for ages 5 and up. The Habit Tracker has no juvenile content that might discourage teens and adults. I use a respectful approach that allows learners to take charge of the transformation in their speech.

Use my free readiness quiz to help you decide if you learner meets the prerequisites for this method. Just click on the image below to unlock the download. Enter your name and email to get an instant download that you can save and print.

Optional Clinical Module

Six Reasons for Agony with R 

My course, R Therapy without the Agony, shows people how to do speech therapy. It is 100% practical.

You might want to know some theory. I have a bonus module available, called Six Reasons for Agony with R . This has clinical information about auditory perception, hearing loss, mouth breathing, thumb sucking, tongue ties and oral motor abilities. There is no sales content. The information is divided into six lessons with videos and practical applications. 

If you are a speech language pathologist with a large private practice, you can use this module to train your subcontractors. If you work for a school district, use it for Pro-D with your peers. 

If you decide to use R Therapy without the Agony in your telepractice, you can use this module to educate clients on the reasons they are having difficulty with the R sound. Just log in and then screen share the content in your sessions.

Six Reasons for Agony with the R Sound

Value = $100

  • Hearing Variations of R Early in Life
  • Hearing Poor Versions of R due to Hearing Loss
  • Not Being Taught to Lift the Tongue Tip
  • Thumbsucking or a Tongue Tie
  • Mouth Breathing
  • Not Having Advanced Motor Ability

Still not sure?

If you are a speech language pathologist who has been reluctant to work on the R sound, I would love the chance to infuse you with confidence.

There is no need to spend countless hours providing individual sessions. Instead, you will learn how to guide helpers in carrying out daily practice with learners.

Best of all, you can use my method with learners who are not stimulable for R! Unbelievable? It's true. I will show you how.

This training course comes with a statisfaction guarantee. Take the course and if it does not live up to any of the claims stated here, just let me know within 30 days and get every penny back. No hassles and we can part as friends. 

VALUE = $597

ONLY $37

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