Become the therapist you were meant to be. The Telepractice Way is a complete  method for building your own online therapy business.

Helping therapists build an online business that provides fulfillment and work-life balance, without sacrificing income.

Helping therapists build an online therapy caseload in a clinical niche, so they can get the right referrals without wasting time.

Build your Own Online Therapy Business

  • Conserve your financial resources. Only spend money on the things you actually need in order to grow your online therapy business.

  • Conserve your time. Learn how to sell your expertise instead.

  • Become a leader in your clinical profession by being innovative.

  • Define your clinical focus so that your therapy practice can thrive in a competitive online environment.

  • Become adept with technology which allows you to work from anywhere.

  • Use online resources to give your clients access to asynchronous therapy services without driving up the cost.

Here's  How it Works

Get advice about building your own online therapy business.  Visit the blog for regular updates.  

Download free resources like infographics and templates which provide inspiration and save you lots of time. 

You don't need to wait. Pick a time that works for you and watch a free training session.

Find out which online courses are currently available. Save your spot in upcoming courses. Join the next cohort for masterclass coaching.

Other Online Training

If you are trying to learn how to build a telepractice business, you will be drawn to advice, training, courses and products created by people who have never done telepractice. You will find lots of online experts who are eager to share their marketing skills. You will find leaders in your field who are teaching clinical skills through webinars and courses.

Unfortunately, they don't understand your goals. The learning curve can feel overwhelming because you think all of it is important. You don't realize that you are consuming vast amounts of useless information.

You ask yourself,  "Should I try to master this? Is this a good use of my time? Should I hire someone to do it for me?"

It is a tedious, time-consuming, expensive process. I have made mistakes. I regret many of my decisions. Eventually I figured out what to disregard. I figured out what to focus on.

To be successful, you need to find the zone of overlap. This is where your goals intersect with what you are learning.  These are the skills that are important to learn. Unfortunately, this zone will be quite small.

Why? Because other online training is created by people who are not clinical professionals running a telepractice business.

Meet Anna Krueger, Founder of The Telepractice Way

Who am I?

I'm a certified speech language pathologist in British Columbia, Canada. I have been in private practice for more than 30 years.

I starting providing telepractice services in 2013, well before the pandemic forced therapists to pivot to doing online therapy. I have an active caseload that is 100% online. 

I have had time to develop and test business practices that work well for an online clinical professional. I am not offering resources so you can try to do therapy the old way, the only difference being that you are now across a camera. It's not about tips and tricks so you can manage a child's behavior in an online session. It's not about trying to make your webcam sessions so engaging that no one ever cancels a session. It's not about paying for advertising to get more referrals. No! You will find plenty of advice elsewhere if that is what you are looking for.

The Telepractice Way is about building reliable income streams so you can make more money with less effort. It's about being an online entrepreneur selling your clinical expertise rather than your time. It's about offering curriculum bundled with your value-added consultation. You will learn how easy it is to get your clients to practice every day. This is online therapy at its best! 

Follow my approach. Your therapy clients will get the transformation that they are looking for. You will enjoy growth in your private practice and balance in your personal life.

Anna Krueger, Founder of the Telepractice Way

The Telepractice Way  offers Important Training

The information on this site is aimed at guiding therapists toward success in building a telepractice business. I am reaching out to qualified clinical professionals, especially those in Canada. This site is not for the general public. It is not for educators or coaches who work with groups of students.

How am I different from the other people offering online training? I will let you look over my shoulder to see what I use and why I use it to serve my caseload. I am not a business coach who has never done anything but business coaching.

By learning from me, you get access to my integrated expertise. I am a clinical professional. I'm tech savvy. I have learned marketing and sales techniques. You won't find anyone else like me. I have transitioned from being a therapist with no control over my career to being an entrepreneur with a thriving telepractice.

I love automations and tech solutions. I have used them to create a paperless office. I can show you how to take control of your career so that you can work from anywhere.

When your goals and the information you are consuming are well aligned, you won't feel overwhelmed. You will be spending your time and money on the things that are important to learn. It's your time to thrive! 

Guiding Therapists toward Success in Building an Online Therapy Business

Anna Krueger, MSc, S-LP(C)

Founder of The Telepractice Way

Located in Delta, BC  Canada