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Ebook: What Online Therapists in Canada Want to Know about Compliance with Privacy Protection Laws

Are you a Canadian therapist?

Awesome! Get our wildly helpful free guide: What Online Therapists in Canada Want to Know about Compliance with Privacy Protection Laws.

Did you know that the laws for a business are different from the laws for a public job, except in the province of Ontario? This guide has real questions and answers. 

Our mission at The Telepractice Way  is to guide Canadian therapists in becoming confident online entrepreneurs.

Hey therapist, your struggle is real...

Poor Work-Life Balance

You know how hard it is to protect your time off.  Giving up your evenings and weekends in order to build your business might be OK at the beginning, but not long term. 

Not Earning a Professional Income

Are you ready to find out how you can get off the treadmill of working more hours in order to make more money? Would you like to know how to get paid what you are worth as a clinical professional? 

Not Succeeding with Online Marketing

Therapists who started in private practice 20 or more years ago did not face the problems that you are facing today. They did not have to compete online. They could rely on word of mouth advertising. Many of them got referrals based on their location. 

Guess what? The old way of getting referrals does not work for an online therapy business. This site is about moving your caseload online and running your private practice a totally new way. It's about learning how to attract the right referrals to your website. 

Are you looking for a way to overcome your struggles! It's here...

It's called The Telepractice Way.

Are you ready?

Ready to build an online business that provides fulfillment and work-life balance, without sacrificing income?

Online therapist with work-life balance

Ready to get the right referrals without wasting your time on things that don't work for an online therapy business?

Online therapist getting right referrals

If you are ready, keep reading. If you are a new or struggling therapist, get ready to be inspired! 

WARNING: Awesomeness may occur.

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