The Telepractice Way

Business Training that helps Therapists Build

an Online Therapy Business Confidently without Tech Overwhelm

What do you Want to Accomplish?

Gain Passive Income and Leave a Legacy

Over the years, you have gained clinical skills that have helped you become a highly effective therapist. The Telepractice Way will give you entrepreneurial skills so you can turn your expertise into passive income as you move toward retirement. If you want to leave a legacy for your profession, this site is for you.

Gain Flexibility and Earn More

Giving up your evenings and weekends in order to work was never your dream. The Telepractice Way will give you technical training so you can build automations. You will learn how to add asynchronous services to your business. Earn more without more stress. If you want a flexible schedule, this site is for you.

Gain Control and Pursue your Dream

Are you looking for a way to take control of your career as a therapist? Are you dreaming about builidng your own online therapy business someday? The Telepractice Way will give you a roadmap so you can start now. If you want to move forward confidently, knowing exactly what your next step should be, this site is for you.

What's Holding you Back?

How do I protect myself?

Private practice therapists doing telepractice are isolated. It's hard to get business advice from your professional association or your regulatory body. There seem to be rules at every level. How do your protect yourself from risks?

You are in the right place. There are resources for you inside the training offered by The Telepractice Way.

How can I compete online?

Therapists who started in private practice 20 or more years ago did not face the problems that you are facing today. They did not have to compete online. They could rely on word of mouth advertising. Many of them got referrals based on their location.

Guess what? The old way of getting referrals does not work for an online therapy business. This site is about running your private practice a totally new way. It's about learning how to attract the right referrals to your business.

How do I overcome the tech overwhelm?

Technology is changing rapidly. If you are an established therapist, the idea of going paperless might feel scary. How will you manage without your favorite tools? If you are just starting out, you can't afford to waste money. If you don't know what actually works for an online therapy business, you could make some expensive mistakes.

How can I earn a professional income?

Right? You need clients that will be able to afford your rates. You don't want them to leave after just a few sessions. You want them to stay long term. How does that happen exactly?

The most successful private practice therapists have figured that out. Keep reading to learn more.

How can I turn my expertise into passive income at this late stage of my career?

You aren't interested in supervising contractors to earn a passive income. Instead, you would like to reduce your responsibilities without leaving your therapy career entirely. There are young therapists in your field who don't have your skills and expertise. If only there was a way to monetize your expertise.

Don't give up. It is possible to package your expertise into a therapy system.

"What's a therapy system?"

I will explain that. Keep reading.

Are you ready to get inspired?

Are you looking for a way to leave a legacy? Do you want to earn more without providing more direct service? Are you a new or struggling therapist who wants a private practice that gives you fulfillment?

You are in the right place! Welcome to The Telepractice Way.

If you are ready, keep reading.

WARNING: You will be hit by inspiration!

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Business Training that helps Therapists

Build an Online Therapy Business

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